Kingfisher, Zomba, Malawi



Get the most out of your trip, by letting us guide you around.

Bring you own (rental) car or we can arrange for a good taxi via our network of associated Zomba- based taxidrivers.

Or take the more adventurous route: let's go by minibus and bicycle-taxi.

To tailor you trip to your ideas, prices of transport and/or food are not included in the rates below.

Call for all options. (+265/0) 882 77 32 47


1 - 3 persons

4 - 6 persons

7 or more persons





half-day trip *)

early morning untill noon (12:00)

or 13:00 untill sunset



on request





day trip

early morning untill sunset



on request





1 - 2 hours

(when available)



on request

Prices per group. Rates do not include transport and/or food and beverages.

All prices in US dollars. Payable in US dollars or Malawian Kwacha's. Cash only please.

*) - Trips prolonged after noon (12:00) or starting before 13:00 will be considered as daytrip.

Your guide is Isaac Luna, unless a date is fully booked.

If so, You can request for another guide out of my network of associated guides.

Drinking water & Transport

All rates exclude food and drinks. Please take your own, or ask us for an arrangement.

Take good walking shoes, sunprotection and drinking water along.

Take your own (rental) car or let us arrange a taxi (via our network of associated taxi's). Or ask us for a trip by minibus and/or bicycletaxi.

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Whatever you call it, when you want to hike, stroll, tramp, march, tread, wander, ramble or walk in Malawi (Zomba area) ask us to accompany you on your next tour, trip, trek, trudge, campaign, pack, course, track, spore, path or trail.

Tel : +265 882 77 32 47


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