Recommended trips


In my years as guide, I found these trips to be extra rewarding:

Zomba Plateau - halfday / day-trip - Lush green and cool, magnificent views, monkeys and abundant birds. The most visited place at Zomba.

Lake Chilwa & Chisi Island - day-trip - Across the agricultural backyard of Zomba to fishermen's village Mchenga. Relaxing on the lake and a walk around the baobab-packed Chisi island.

Zomba town and market - short / halfday-trip - Let us make you feel at home in the busy town of Zomba, visit the small shops and the market, see the presidents residence (sorry, no admittance) and the countryclub. Have a drink at the countryclub or in the middle of the sizzling market.

Rural Zomba - short / halfday-trip - A relaxing walk across the agricultural backyard of Zomba. See the rural villages. Have lunch at a local villager (on request). And why not combine this with a trip on a bicycle-taxi.

Walking trees at Malosa - halfday-trip - A real miracle tree, close to the little village of Malosa. Why not combine this walk with an adventurous trip in a minibus and/or a ride on e real bicylcetaxi.

The Chikala pilars - halfday-trip - Strange sandstone formations. A nice walk during which you might spot an owl.

Malosa - Zomba trail - day-trip - An old traders-route from rural Malosa, all across the Zomba mountainrange, ending in Zomba town.


Always take good walkingshoes, sunprotection and water with you!


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